PAST: Cafe Dolly: Francis Picabia, Julian Schnabel, J.F. Willumsen

J. F. Willumsen Museum
Jenriksvej 4
3600 Frederikssund


Experience a visual sensory bombardment in the major international exhibition “Café Dolly”, which opens 8 September.

In the year of his 150th birthday the Danish artist Jens Ferdinand Willumsen is on his way to gaining wide international recognition. Best known for his merits as a symbolist in the 1890s, his late works have long been regarded as commonplace, self-ironic, and kitschy in his homeland, whereas his entire oeuvre has remained largely unknown to an international public.

In “Café Dolly” the powerful paintings of the mature Willumsen can be experienced along with paintings by two of the 20th and 21 century’s most significant artists: The Franco-Spanish Francis Picabia, who was Willumsens’s contemporary and one of the leading figures in the Parisian avant-garde, and the living American Julian Schnabel (b. 1951), a headliner in the 1980s new painting and a successful film director. Willumsen, Picabia and Schnabel mixes classic art with media stream of images.

The exhibition and the accompanying research-based catalogue published by Hatje Cantz bring together the three artists and explore the similarities in their painting as well as the explicit self-staging of their role as artists. Hereby, exhibition and catalogue give a colorful insight into the eccentric universes of these three figurative adventurers.

The exhibition is curated by:
Claus Carstensen, artist, writer, and curator. Former professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen Christian Vind, artist and writer, Copenhagen
Anne Gregersen, PhD fellow, University of Copenhagen / J.F. Willumsens Museum

Exhibition period: September 8 to December 30, 2013