The Pace Gallery, New York, 1992

Julian Schnabel:  The End of Summer, The Pace Gallery, New York, New York, 1992

The End of Summer paintings were presented at the gallery at 142 Greene Street concurrently with the Olatz series.  The End of Summer consisted of four, 16’ x 16’ paintings on gray tarpaulin.

“They have a somber, elegiac tone.  Black and orange-red bands dominate three of the paintings, sinking lower from one to the next, like falling lines on an emotional chart.” Schnabel says, “They have to do with the crazy light of fall in Montauk – the feeling about the end of something, a moment in time, temperature changes.”

(De Ferrari, Gabriella, “Julian Schnabel”, Julian Schnabel (The Pace Gallery, New York: 1992))