Tabacalera, San Sebastian, 2007

Tabacalera, International Centre of Contemporary Culture in Donostia, San Sebastian, Spain, 2007

Tabacalera presents the exhibition titled Summer.  This exhibition includes over sixty paintings and several sculptures from the 1980s to 2007.

The project is part of a series of exhibitions in the Palazzo Venezia in Rome, in the Rotonda della Besana in Milan and in the Schloss Dernenburg in Germany, where Julian has worked with singular buildings that are laden with memories and symbolism for the local public.

“Summer.  I make most of my paintings in the summer.  I always have since I was a little kid.  I can still smell the roses in my uncle Jack’s backyard.  I like to paint outside.  My studio doesn’t have a roof on it.  I can see better, get further away from the paintings, see them in radically different light at different times of day.  The weather affects the paintings too, stains, rain, mildew, bleached by the sun, accidents, blown by the wind, nature, at first a distraction interfering then helping.  It is an activated system.  Freedom of material set in water and daylight, every summer.  “  – Julian Schnabel