Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Germany, 2004

Julian Schnabel Paintings 1978-2003

After the artist’s first sensa­tional exhi­bi­tions in the USA and Europe presented in the 1980s, the works of young Julian Schn­abel were hailed as a renais­sance of painting – a genre which had been declared dead in the years before. All major collec­tions have purchased his paint­ings incor­po­rating broken plates and his expres­sive large-format oil works and collages. With his first film about his friend and painter colleague Jean-Michel Basquiat, Schn­abel also made a name for himself as a director and scriptwriter in 1996.

Though Schn­abel had been cele­brated as a super­star at the begin­ning of his career, critics contested the multi­tal­ented artist’s further devel­op­ment as a painter in the 1990s. Unjustly so, as the first retro­spec­tive presented in Germany since 1987 will evince. Comprising more than 50 large-format works and impres­sive sculp­tural groups, the exhi­bi­tion presents a survey of Schn­abel’s many-faceted oeuvre of the last twenty-five years and offers a chance to redis­cover this outstanding contem­po­rary painter.