Mary Boone Gallery, New York, 1979

Julian Schnabel, Mary Boone Gallery, New York, New York, 1979

In February and October of 1979, Schnabel has two solo exhibitions in Mary Boone’s gallery located in the same building as the galleries of Leo Castelli, Ileana Sonnabend, Andre Emmerich, and John Weber.

Julian exhibits wax paintings in the first exhibition along with plate paintings in the second, including The Death of Fashion.

At this time, critics celebrate Julian Schnabel’s work as “the return to painting.” A broad discussion of the aims and future of painting is initiated, in which Schnabel’s pieces, among others, are at the center of heated debates. Numerous articles on painting appear in the next two years, including “The End of Painting” (October) and “Last Exit: Painting” (Artforum)

“I thought that if painting is dead, then it’s a nice time to start painting. People have been talking about the death of painting for so many years that most of those people are dead now.” (Artforum April 2003, p. 59)