Leo Castelli Gallery, New York, 1981

Julian Schnabel, Leo Castelli Gallery, New York, New York, 1981

In April of ‘81, Schnabel exhibits 14 paintings and 9 drawings in parallel at Mary Boone’s and Leo Castelli’s galleries. He is the first new artist in Castelli’s gallery program since 1971. Like Schnabel’s first exhibition at Mary Boone’s gallery two years previous, all pieces are already sold before the opening.

An article by René Ricard, “Not about Julian Schnabel,” appears in Artforum in May, in which he attacks the business practices of the New York gallery owners.

“Wild,” gestural painting becomes an important element in JS’s work, leading some critics to describe his art as “neo-expressionist.”

“Painting your guts out has never been an interesting idea or made an interesting painting. Feeling cannot be separated from intellect. In that sense, Neo-Expressionism doesn’t exist; it never has.” (CVJ 1987, p. 205)